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Getting Down To Business - Question Of The Week

For 10 minutes, on one Tuesday each month, at 7:45 AM on KSCO 1080, SCORE members, sometimes with a guest, discuss ideas and answer questions. Prior to July of 2014, there was also an afternoon show that followed the same format.

Our then Chapter Chairman, Al Carman, was interviewed by Mark Carbonaro for Clear Channel Community Spotlight. Broadcast at 07:00 February 17, 2013 on stations KDON (102.5 FM), KION (1460 AM / 101.1 FM), KOCN (105.1 FM), and KTOM (92.7 FM). You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Below are audio streaming files of past KSCO shows with a brief description. Click the AM/PM button on a show of interest to listen.

Bill Oakes talks about tax issues and financial systems for small business
John Yost talks about Simple Steps to start a business
Pat Webb talks about the merger of Santa Cruz and Monterey County SCORE chapters
Patricia Bottero St-Jean talks about current SCORE activities and a contest to choose a name to represent the combined Santa Cruz and Monterey County SCORE chapters.
Karen Calcagno talks about her long association with SCORE and the benefits she gives and receives by being a SCORE volunteer.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean talks about current SCORE activities and workshops.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean talks upcoming SCORE workshops and how people thinking of starting a business should consider their ideas.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean talks about things to consider when buying or selling a business, or when thinking about doing that.
Karen Calcagno talks about the importance of bookkeeping in a small business, as well as discussing holiday stresses and how to cope with them.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean talks about SCORE workshops and the satisfaction of being a SCORE mentor.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean discusses the need for business owners to work more on the business they are running and less time working in the business.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean discusses the importance of keeping track of financial issues in a small business and how to approach doing that.
Patricia Bottero St-Jean discusses how she started a business, things that are important when starting a business, and her motivation for becoming a SCORE mentor.
John Yost talks about various things to consider about running a successful business, and in particular restaurant businesses.
Alan Smith & Neal Wood talking about services of SCORE and what is involved in becoming a SCORE volunteer.
Karen Calcagno discusses issues around filing taxes and business records and relationships with personnel.
Alan Smith & George Cotronieo discuss SCORE services and benefits of mentoring for both the client and mentor.
Alan Smith & Bill Littell discuss the ins and outs of buying and operating a franchise.
Alan Smith discusses SCORE, upcoming SCORE workshops and the nature of SCORE mentoring.
Alan Smith & Patricia Bottero St-Jean discuss starting new businesses and franchises along with motivations for joining SCORE.
Karen Calcagno talks about the importance of succession planning and estate planning as it relates to your business.
Alan Smith & John Yost discuss the SCORE organization and the services provided to small business by SCORE.
Alan Smith discusses working at home and alternatives like renting short term office and meeting spaces.
Alan Smith discusses the importance of customer service and achieving customer satisfaction.
Alan Smith discusses the mentoring process in SCORE and how mentoring and workshops lead to success stories.