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Getting Down To Business - Question Of The Week

For 10 minutes, on one Tuesday each month, at 7:45 AM on KSCO 1080, SCORE members, sometimes with a guest, discuss ideas and answer questions. Prior to July of 2014, there was also an afternoon show that followed the same format.

Our then Chapter Chairman, Al Carman, was interviewed by Mark Carbonaro for Clear Channel Community Spotlight. Broadcast at 07:00 February 17, 2013 on stations KDON (102.5 FM), KION (1460 AM / 101.1 FM), KOCN (105.1 FM), and KTOM (92.7 FM). You can listen to the show by clicking here.

Below are audio streaming files of past KSCO shows with a brief description. Click the AM/PM button on a show of interest to listen.

Alan Smith relates a SCORE sucess story and gives advice on how to avoid procrastination.
Karen Calcagno talks about the upcoming 82% business micro summit being held in Watsonville.
Alan Smith talks about getting customers through networking and attending business faires.
Karen Calcagno talks about understanding IRS rules and issues that small business faces.
Alan Smith shares some SCORE success stories and the key points of achieving success.
Alan Smith shares some SCORE success stories and the key points of achieving success.
Karen Calcagno discusses improving a business using the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle.
Karen Calcagno discusses the process of SCORE counseling and the mission of our volunteers.
Alexandra Navarro discusses the importance of good customer service.
Michael Sarka & Jill Sollitto of Modern Life Home & Garden Furnishings discuss integrity in business, knowing your clientele, and having passion in your work.
Pat Webb discusses the local SCORE workshops, and how they can help people interested in getting into business.
Alan Smith talks about the Five Pillars of a successful business and resources available on SCORE websites.
Joy Hallof discusses the new California Healthy Workplaces and Healthy Family Act which will go into effect this July.
Alexandra Navarro discusses the importance of time management, setting and tracking goals, in operating a business.
Angus Jappy & Pat Webb talk about SCORE and the local SCORE Workshop program.
Jim Martin & Rosemary Chalmers discuss planning with a view towards the art of avoiding repeated mistakes.
Al Carman raises the question, "Are you prepared to start a business?" and talks about things the listener may not have thought about.
Karen Calcagno & Alan Smith - [* awaiting summary *]
Alan Smith talks about tax audits, and 6 tax red flags that could get you audited.
Michael Sarka discusses Starting up a business, tips and considerations - [* awaiting summary *]
Kristina Kuprina - [* awaiting summary *]
Angus Jappy & Naomi Brauner of Homeless Garden Project discuss the project and how it has interacted with SCORE.
Jim Martin talks the importance of business plans and gives three solid reasons they are critical to success.
Al Carman discusses the Boss, the Buddy, and the Leader - [* awaiting summary *]
Kristina Kuprina discusses working with employees - [* awaiting summary *]