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August 23 SCORE Social Media Panel Discussion

by Pat Webb

A lively panel of Social Media experts were greeted by over 50 participants looking for answers to their questions. The very interactive panel event was facilitated by SCORE mentor Kathie Sinor who solicited a high level of participation during the Q and A and many of the attendees shared experiences of what worked and what did not using Social Media. Some of the preset questions the panelists came prepared to share included:

  1. What is your social media preference for your particular business and why?
  2. Tell us about your own integrated approach to using several social media and how that works for you?
  3. How much time per day do you spend on social media marketing efforts and what have you learned about ways to spend time more wisely?

Panelists include:

Andrea Garvey,, Local Artist

Karen Kefauver: Social Media Coach and Freelance Writer

Pacho Rojas: Web Technology consultant and SCORE mentor

Carolyn Rudolph: Owner: Charlie Hong Kong, SC Vegan Restaurant