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Topic: “Competitive Advantage”

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Do You Have a Technology Plan?

by Jim Martin

Too many small business owners fail to include a technology path In their business plans. They do so for a variety of reasons. Some feel their businesses will not change enough to need new technology. Others view this as an issue they will address as it arises. Some argue that… [READ MORE]About { title }

Fine Tune Your Online Presence

by Jim Martin

It isn’t enough to simply establish an on line presence. You have to maximize your contacts by ensuring you catch the attention of prospective customers. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that can help you. Start with the ones that you can implement most easily. Add others as you have… [READ MORE]About { title }

Make Your Website More Dynamic

by Jim Martin

Your website is obviously important to you. Your goal should be to make it important to your customers. If your website becomes the “go-to” site for a large percentage of the people looking for your type of product, your business will grow. Your products and your customer service will help… [READ MORE]About { title }

A Simple Way to Understand Marketing

by Jim Martin

Small business owners usually know what accounting, production, quality control, customer service and most other functions of their businesses entail, but many, even the most experienced, ask “Just what is marketing really all about?” Your editor recently talked with Michael Olson, the General Manager of KSCO, and he gave… [READ MORE]About { title }

Ten Tips for New Small Businesses

by Jim Martin

by Beth Laurence, J.D.

1. Save as much money as possible before starting. People too often go into business with no savings, using loan money from friends, banks, or the SBA. They expect to start paying the loans back right away with their profits. What they don’t realize is… [READ MORE]About { title }

Can You Make Your Small Size an Advantage?

by Jim Martin

Large businesses seem to have all the advantages—economies of scale, pricing power and brand recognition, to name a few. But small businesses across the United States are beating larger competitors through one simple idea: creating better customer experiences. While many large businesses provide good customer value, consolidation in industries… [READ MORE]About { title }