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Help the County Gather Broadband Information

by Jim Martin

High-speed Internet access is increasingly vital to local businesses and residents. Being online keeps us in touch with friends and family via social media and email and offers us online banking and on-demand television. Broadband provides faster, more convenient access to a huge array of other services. It should be… [READ MORE]About { title }

An Easy Approach to Passwords

by Jim Martin

Passwords are a problem. You need them, but you can never remember them. You also need too many of them. You’ve got one (or two, if your significant other shares the account) for each credit card, your bank account, your insurance company, your home computer, your business computer, your email… [READ MORE]About { title }

Using the Cloud for Your Business

by Jim Martin

You can use the cloud for storage and save substantially. If you own a data-intensive business, you can avoid the cost of buying more memory capacity. The public cloud won’t work for every storage or application need, but you can evaluate your use by looking in these areas:

Security. The… [READ MORE]About { title }

Keeping Your Data in the Cloud

by Jim Martin

Users of the cloud have typically reduced their storage costs by a third. As the car commercials say, “Your mileage might vary.” The cloud might not be the answer to your needs, but here are some thoughts to consider if you want to make that jump.

Security. Cloud security is… [READ MORE]About { title }

Employee Media Usage—Positive or Negative?

by Jim Martin

During the upcoming NCAA basketball playoffs, offices everywhere will deal with the annual problem of how to keep the games from affecting their team’s productivity. When employees can watch games on phones, tablets or desktops (and click off quickly), internet control becomes a concern? The dilemma of how to regulate… [READ MORE]About { title }

Fine Tune Your Online Presence

by Jim Martin

It isn’t enough to simply establish an on line presence. You have to maximize your contacts by ensuring you catch the attention of prospective customers. We’ve compiled a list of ideas that can help you. Start with the ones that you can implement most easily. Add others as you have… [READ MORE]About { title }

Make Your Website More Dynamic

by Jim Martin

Your website is obviously important to you. Your goal should be to make it important to your customers. If your website becomes the “go-to” site for a large percentage of the people looking for your type of product, your business will grow. Your products and your customer service will help… [READ MORE]About { title }

Ensure Your Cybersecurity

by Jim Martin

Your computer database is one of your most valuable assets. It contains your financial records, your personnel records, your customer records and (quite often) all your business secrets (including all your intellectual properties. Given that, protecting your database must be (but seldom is) your most important job. If you accomplish… [READ MORE]About { title }

Make Your Customer Service More Personal

by Jim Martin

Customers expect top-quality customer service. When they don’t get it, they show little patience. They can quickly Google up an alternate source and leave, dropping a bad review on the offender as they go. This doesn’t have to happen to you. A few simple ideas can protect you. They’re all… [READ MORE]About { title }

Local Doesn’t Mean Unprofessional

by Jim Martin

A Lot of data has been published lately indicating that consumers prefer local businesses. They have the chance to develop a relationship that can be handy when they have a need that requires quick attention. They can be known if they shop regularly. But being local doesn’t automatically make you… [READ MORE]About { title }