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Topic: “Morale”

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Employee Media Usage—Positive or Negative?

by Jim Martin

During the upcoming NCAA basketball playoffs, offices everywhere will deal with the annual problem of how to keep the games from affecting their team’s productivity. When employees can watch games on phones, tablets or desktops (and click off quickly), internet control becomes a concern? The dilemma of how to regulate… [READ MORE]About { title }

Don’t Let Funk Run Your Business

by Jim Martin

By Daniel Kehrer

Many small businesses chug along for years, growing just a little each year. Their owners develop a kind of complacency. Then one day they begin to realize that employee morale has soured, productivity has declined and the business just isn’t growing as fast as they think it… [READ MORE]About { title }

Remember You’re the Boss

by Jim Martin

The vast majority of small business owners started out as employees somewhere else. Most also remember the kind of camaraderie that often exists in a successful small business. Co-workers become close friends, and the friendship (and the cohesiveness it brings) makes everyone work together to make the business better. We… [READ MORE]About { title }

They’re Your Employees — Make Them Want to Stay

by Jim Martin

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that a surprising number of new grads accepted positions and then declined them before their planned reporting day arrived. I have had several SCORE clients comment that the competition for employees is fierce in all parts of the job market. One entrepreneur told me,… [READ MORE]About { title }