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Keeping Your Data in the Cloud

by Jim Martin

Users of the cloud have typically reduced their storage costs by a third. As the car commercials say, “Your mileage might vary.” The cloud might not be the answer to your needs, but here are some thoughts to consider if you want to make that jump.

Security. Cloud security is… [READ MORE]About { title }

Are You Ready for Chip Cards?

by Jim Martin

Chip cards are proliferating. Your customers prefer them because they offer more security than the older cards which must be slid through a reader. While the new cards can be read the old way, you need to accommodate the new way. You can recognize the new cards by a chip… [READ MORE]About { title }

Ensure Your Cybersecurity

by Jim Martin

Your computer database is one of your most valuable assets. It contains your financial records, your personnel records, your customer records and (quite often) all your business secrets (including all your intellectual properties. Given that, protecting your database must be (but seldom is) your most important job. If you accomplish… [READ MORE]About { title }

Preventing Employee Theft

by Jim Martin

Some questions can be unpleasant. One issue some business owners must face even though it is painful is employee theft. Every business, whether small or large, can take steps to minimize (or, with luck, eliminate) this aggravating problem. Police data indicates that more than two-thirds of retail theft is committed… [READ MORE]About { title }

How’s Your Security?

by Jim Martin

Some experts call it an epidemic, with small merchants as the easiest targets. Business owners tend to think data security problems mostly involve hackers indiscriminately targeting different businesses. That’s only part of it. Disgruntled vendors can steal data to hurt a business that dumped them. Ex-employees can steal data to… [READ MORE]About { title }

Five Considerations in Choosing Tech Solutions

by Jim Martin

by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily

Choosing any new technology stands you at a crossroads. The direction you choose must put your employees’ and customers’ needs foremost. Small business owners find themselves balancing the requirements of day-to-day business operations against their own innate entrepreneurial spirit. Small business owners must overcome many obstacles… [READ MORE]About { title }