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Topic: “Vol.6 No.2”

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Why Small Business Finds It Hard to Borrow from Banks

by Jim Martin

Two big challenges for a small business owner are securing the financing needed to start a business and finding the funds to stay open. Startups are the hardest to finance; their success ratio is low because of their lack of capital. Borrowing should start even before a business is created;… [READ MORE]About { title }

Five Considerations in Choosing Tech Solutions

by Jim Martin

by Sara Angeles, BusinessNewsDaily

Choosing any new technology stands you at a crossroads. The direction you choose must put your employees’ and customers’ needs foremost. Small business owners find themselves balancing the requirements of day-to-day business operations against their own innate entrepreneurial spirit. Small business owners must overcome many obstacles… [READ MORE]About { title }

Twelve Steps to Improving Your Business

by Jim Martin

By Bob Nelson, President, Power Retailing,

The purpose of any business is to win customers, which requires marketing. If your cash registers don’t ring, you had better find out what fast. In today’s competitive retail world getting results is what counts. Successful retailers aren’t more talented or intelligent… [READ MORE]About { title }

Don’t Mess Up on Payroll Taxes

by Jim Martin

If you have at least one employee, you’re responsible for payroll taxes. These include withholding federal and income taxes and FICA tax from employees’ wages as well as paying the employer share of FICA tax and federal and state unemployment taxes. The penalties for missteps make it essential that you… [READ MORE]About { title }

Cloud 101—Four Points You Should Know

by Jim Martin

By Jane Irene Kelly

Many small business owners hesitate to use Internet-based operating systems because of concerns about the cost and potential security risks. That’s changing fast. As cloud computing matures, more flexible and cheaper options have emerged and the productivity gains have become hard to ignore.

A [READ MORE]About { title }

Three Ways to Hone Your Skills

by Jim Martin

Andy Nguyen, the founder of Honor Courage Commitment, offered three ways a business owner could hone his entrepreneur skills and elevate his competitive advantages, whether one was a “natural-born” entrepreneur or not.

Join the Marines. Yes, he’s serious. The Marine Corps instilled core values of honor, courage, and commitment… [READ MORE]About { title }