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Topic: “Vol.6 No.3”

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How’s Your Security?

by Jim Martin

Some experts call it an epidemic, with small merchants as the easiest targets. Business owners tend to think data security problems mostly involve hackers indiscriminately targeting different businesses. That’s only part of it. Disgruntled vendors can steal data to hurt a business that dumped them. Ex-employees can steal data to… [READ MORE]About { title }

Are Your HR Practices Current?

by Jim Martin

Hiring, recruiting, managing people and benefits and more comprise the discipline of human resources. While many small business owners feel HR can be taxing, Linda Kraus of Paychex says, “HR is a process, not a luxury or something nice to have… it’s a necessity.” All business owners should be well-versed… [READ MORE]About { title }

Use Cash Outflow Timing to Your Advantage

by Jim Martin

Slowing cash outflow in your business enables you to hold onto cash longer so you have more money available and more flexibility in your business. Here are some ways to slow cash outflow.

Accounting Software. Today’s accounting software can closely monitor accounts payable so you can keep cash in your… [READ MORE]About { title }

Keeping Your Business Operating When Disaster Hits

by Jim Martin

The recent Napa earthquake leads to an important question: has your business ever been affected by a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or tornado? Even if you’ve been untouched so far, the recent news says businesses of all sizes must be prepared for the worst. Here are… [READ MORE]About { title }

Know How Your Customers Shop and Buy

by Jim Martin

The way your customers shop and buy has changed. Are you keeping up? Recently, I needed to get my carpets cleaned after too long a wait. I went online to get in touch with the company I’d used several years ago, only to find out they no longer serve my… [READ MORE]About { title }

External Factors Can Impact Supply Chains

by Jim Martin

For several years, China and the Far East have been considered the best bet for outsourcing manufacturing due to lower labor costs and fewer regulatory barriers. Most companies choose these suppliers to reduce costs, but several disadvantages can make overseas suppliers risky in the long run. Most companies focus on… [READ MORE]About { title }

Where to Find More Time to Think

by Jim Martin

How often do you start the day with a well-intentioned to-do list, and end the day asking where the day went? Business owners fragment their attention by wearing many hats. They are interrupted an average of seven times an hour—urgent requests, crises and chattiness. Studies show you need between 10… [READ MORE]About { title }