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Topic: “Vol.7 No.3”

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They’re Your Employees — Make Them Want to Stay

by Jim Martin

The Wall Street Journal recently noted that a surprising number of new grads accepted positions and then declined them before their planned reporting day arrived. I have had several SCORE clients comment that the competition for employees is fierce in all parts of the job market. One entrepreneur told me,… [READ MORE]About { title }

10 Tips to Help Build and Grow a Stand-Out Small Business Brand

by Jim Martin

A survey by the Pew Foundation found that 71 percent of Americans view small business more favorably than any other institution, including religious organizations. Why? Small businesses are seen as a positive influence on the country. But it’s more than that. Small businesses are in a unique position to create… [READ MORE]About { title }

10 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas from Atlanta

by Jim Martin

You may think it impossible to get the word out about what your business offers. Don’t make excuses. You don’t need fads or gimmicks. Follow the proven tips and techniques of other entrepreneurs to get the word out about your business and watch it grow.

Give Your Stuff Away. Ari… [READ MORE]About { title }

Ten Time Wasting Tasks You Can Automate in 30 Minutes or Less

by Jim Martin

Time is a precious asset. You need to prioritize and make cuts wherever possible. However, there are ways to save time without actually skipping any important items on your list. Here are some common time wasting tasks that you can easily automate to improve efficiency.

Sorting Emails. As one of… [READ MORE]About { title }

Seven Small Business Marketing Tips from Bob Leduc

by Jim Martin

Here are 7 low-cost but highly effective marketing tips to help any small business find customers and generate sales quickly.

  1. Don’t Advertise Like a Big Business. Big businesses advertise to create name recognition and future sales. A small business can’t afford to do that. Instead, design your advertising to… [READ MORE]About { title }

Get an Export Business Planner For Your Small Business

by Jim Martin

The SBA now offers the Export Business Planner, a free, customizable tool for small business owners considering exporting. The planner lets you work through the critical processes of export readiness and planning using an easily accessible document that can be updated and referenced often, as your export business grows. If… [READ MORE]About { title }

8 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With Toxic People

by Jim Martin

Toxic people poison those around them. They gain satisfaction creating disorganization and a stressful atmosphere. Life is stressful enough for most of us. Allowing a toxic individual to ravage your immediate environment can cause havoc in your mental well-being, and can lead to physical challenges. A bad state of… [READ MORE]About { title }