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Topic: “Vol.9 No.6”

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Starting on the Wrong Foot in the Wrong Direction

by Jim Martin

At the latest startup conference the person on stage pitched his method which agreed with the last book you read. He swore that you can ride your idea to fame and wealth by starting your own business. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, particularly if he says you can’t do it without… [READ MORE]About { title }

Creating Creative Employees

by Jim Martin

You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t have some tendency toward innovation, but you can become even more successful if you encourage your employees to be creative as well. Innovators capitalize on new ideas, new technologies and new developments in the market place. Big changes are obvious, but small… [READ MORE]About { title }

A Trade Secrets Follow Up

by Jim Martin

We received several emails in response to our May article on protecting trade secrets. Most asked the same question: how do I determine if my trade secret ought to be patented? We talked with Don Boys, the President of Central Coast Patent Agency in Watsonville, who gave us a simple… [READ MORE]About { title }

Workshop on July 6, 2017

by Jim Martin

On July 6 at 10 AM, SCORE will offer a workshop on using social media to grow your business. It will be presented by Tracy Lee Davis of ZingPop Social Media at Simpkins Swim Center. For details and registration information, go to or call 831-621-3755.

Score mentors… [READ MORE]About { title }