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Workshop on June 8, 2017

by Jim Martin

On Thursday June 8, SCORE will offer a workshop entitled SimpleSTEPS for Starting Your Business. This SCORE workshop will give attendees an appreciation of what it takes to successfully start and grow a small business. Drawn from the actual experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders, this workshop is designed to help new and early-stage businesses by presenting a broad overview of the issues that may impact their success or failure, such as:

  • Start-up Myths
  • Critical Factors to Success
  • Business Opportunities
  • Marketing
  • Structure, DBA, Licenses, Insurance
  • Record Keeping & Taxes
  • Cash Needs & Sources
  • Business Plans
  • Next Steps

This workshop costs $35 and runs from 6:30—9:00 at the Simpkins Family Swim Center, 979 17th Ave. in Santa Cruz. For registration information, go to or call 831-621-3755.